Claim Acceleration

Today's growing financial pressures on healthcare organisations will continue to increase as patients bear an increased financial responsibility for their healthcare costs.


ModiMed RCM helps you extend the capabilities of managing your Practice Management System effectively. Over the years we have learnt that three elements are typically missing from a practice or medical provider's denial management process: data, filtering/sorting methodologies and feedback to systematically correct errors. We follow a systematic way to get the information back into the billing process in a manner that prevents them from occurring again in the future.


Claim Scrubbing:


Medical claims scrubbing is an important step in the Revenue Cycle Management Process.


Claim rejections happen mostly due to human errors or due to not checking the claim before it is sent, hence it becomes necessary to validate the claim before it is submitted for processing.


The benefits of Claim Scrubbing:


  • Cleaner Claims
  • Accelerated payments
  • Reduced denials and rework



Reduce Compliance Risk:


  • Optimise front-end and back-end billing processes to help streamline operations and improve overall billing integrity
  • Uncover trends and identify opportunities for improvement to achieve financial and data-quality goals.
  • Provide accurate and timely statistics for your practice

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